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Over the next year, a new network of phenology monitoring cameras—or phenocams—will be installed at 12 of TERN’s ecosystem observation SuperSites.

NCRIS infrastructure and data are being used to develop new tools to model and predict the occurrence of dust storms to better manage their risks.

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) will lead a major new NCRIS-supported research infrastructure project to allow Australian researchers and policy makers to analyse the next generation of internatio...

A new geological sample ID minting service is now available online, thanks to a collaborative effort between national research organisations, AuScope, ANDS and CSIRO.

There’s already been one revolution in navigation in the last few decades, with the change from printed maps to satellite navigation. Now AuScope and Geoscience Australia will further transform the way we positio...

New science shows ‘a little dirt never hurt’. In fact, research using NCRIS data indicates soil exposure reduces disease rates.

When visiting a neonatal ward, you might find paper records of the heart rate, blood oxygen, and respiratory rate of premature and ill children, taken at hourly intervals. When Dr Carolyn McGregor AM of the Unive...

A special National Eucalypt Day video showcasing how the TERN observatory is measuring the nation’s precious eucalypt ecosystems.

A new satellite monitoring system to predict & mitigate the impacts of bushfires in Australia

33 out of the 34 ARC Centres of Excellence funded between 2011 and 2017 rely on NCRIS collaborative research infrastructure.

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