Dr Daniel Falster, expert in understanding how forests work

Dr Daniel Falster is a plant ecologist and mathematical modeller as well as an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He uses a combination of maths, computer models, and large data sets to test fundamental ideas about the processes shaping biological communities. Daniel uses insights from plant data to build mathematical models and software that simulate processes that select for different plant types. Processes such as how individual plants function, grow, die and reproduce, through to what happens when evolution is thrown into the system, are represented in the software. “The challenge with studying forests is that it is very difficult to ex

Accessing astronomical data has never been easier

The All-Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO) is making it easier to understand and explore the stars, galaxies, planets, dark matter and many things in between. The ASVO enables researchers to access data across a federated network of datasets from all types of astronomical facilities in Australia, helping many astronomers achieve their research outcomes faster. Over the last eight years, the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) and its predecessors Nectar and ANDS have been key partners and supporters of the ASVO. This investment has seen the ASVO grow into a coordinated network of facilities that allow researchers to access datasets from five different facilities. “The ASVO started out as a s

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