Big data analytics protecting lives of premature babies

When visiting a neonatal ward, you might find paper records of the heart rate, blood oxygen, and respiratory rate of premature and ill children, taken at hourly intervals. When Dr Carolyn McGregor AM of the University of Ontario walks into a neonatal ward, she sees the phenomenal potential for revolutionary advancements in healthcare. The data recorded on paper represents a fraction of what monitors read. What is not recorded simply disappears, risking infant’s health and wellbeing; including the ability to predict infections such as Late Onset Neonatal Sepsis (LONS). Without these predictions, one in five low birth-weight babies can die from infection. Dr. McGregor and the team at the Unive

Developing a ‘National Research Data Cloud’ for Australian Researchers: Release from the Department

The 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap (2016 Roadmap) outlines national research infrastructure required over the coming decade so that Australia's world class research system continues to improve productivity, create jobs, lift economic growth and support a healthy environment. The 2016 Roadmap identified the following nine focus areas that require ongoing support to ensure that Australia will be able to maintain its position as an emerging or established global leader: Digital Data and eResearch Platforms Platforms for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Characterisation Advanced Fabrication and Manufacturing Advanced Physics and Astronomy Earth and Environmental Systems Biosec

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